Inspiring Podcasts

Want to download episodes directly rather than subscribe?

I get ya! 😀 Though the links will still take you to the Podcast site, on the page, you’ll find a link to download the audio file (MP3) directly:

  • EntrepreneurOnFire – you can watch a video of John’s story here, or read about it here. (Volume Level 64%)
    • Ramit Sethi – don’t be put off by his spammy sounding page as there’s lots of good advice and you’re likely going to find something that fits you in one of his blog entries.
    • Corrina Gordon-Barnes – In a very engaging chat, Corrina at one point mentions someone from her past: “He thought he couldn’t have both passion and money, and he chose money.” Her EOF interview page also links to an interesting article about blogging.
  • The Unmistakable Creative – (Volume Level 83%)
    • Michael Roderick – “We need to budget time to be reflective”
    • Josh Long – “If you can’t break things down first, then you have a shaky foundation.”
  • Microblogger – You can check out Jim’s chat with John on EOF. Some episodes have transcripts. (EOF Episode – Volume Level 64%; Microblogger Episodes: Volume Level 97%)
    • Farnoosh Torabi – “It’s about having compassion for those who don’t get it.”
    • Matt Jabs – “I don’t like that to be the first impression I have on a website.”


Looking forward to hear which episode resonated with you the most! Send me a message here. 🙂

(If you need to reach out to request more podcast recommendations — that’s cool too! Use this form)


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