Tag Ideas

I was delighted when I discovered this while roaming through the various posts at the WordPress newspage.

Very handy reference when I’m at loss on which tags to put when I post a new Q&A.

Going further than that, I started to look at the entries for each tag, and found that it could be also another way that I could find things that are interesting. Though a number of these tags do end up with spam-like entries, I’ve found some tags that are worth looking at.


From current tags:


Of course there are still some entries that look a bit left field and (yikes!) spammy. That’s okay though, just like with Twitter trending Hashtags — spammers hijack them too.


Other not so popular (but good) tags:

I previously attempted to find new entries to read via the WordPress search function, and after that experience. Never again!

Really glad I found the tag search.

One note though, if you are tagging any of your posts. There are times that the posts do not get picked up right away.

For example for this post, the entry got picked up by the ‘Behind The Scenes’ Tag as soon as it was posted. It was also the same for other tags I’ve chosen (even if they were part of the trending WordPress tags)

2014-11-06 - Tag Example - BTS

Interestingly the ‘blogging’ tag didn’t pick up the entry, and I’m guessing it might happen after half an hour or so (as this was the case for one of the Q&A entries: it took about half an hour to show up on a particular tag’s feed).

I used to think that there was someone vetting what comes up on each tag’s feed — and was quite disapointed when an entry wasn’t featured. Now I understand, that for some (tags) it just takes time.

Do you have your own favourite tags? (popular or not)


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