The Perfect Podcast

My tick sheet for a podcast that I’d surely subscribe to:

  • Great Content
  • Quality Audio
  • Consistent Audio Levels Within The Episode
  • No Foul Language
  • Consistent Volume Across Different Episodes


I’ve found that it is rare that a podcast has all this. And interestingly I haven’t found one that ticks all 5. The reason it is so difficult to get all five is having consistent volume all through out different episodes, and usually episodes go through a bit of an evolution (audio particularly would change).

I’ve arranged my list according to how essential they are in my decision to download episodes more from that podcast.


Great Content

Nothing will trump this, even if the Podcast ticks the other four requirements. If the content of the Podcast doesn’t resonate with me — I’m not going to keep on listening to it. I’ve also stopped listening to a Podcast whenever there is anything demeaning/condescending/arrogant said by either the hosts or guests.


Quality Audio

I’m quite okay with mobile phone quality, as long as the levels are okay. There’s nothing more frustrating than to get to the part that I am quite engaged in, then having that section cut (or fade) out.

I would be cool with (if it was on video) subtitles or transcripts, to make up for the not-so-good audio.


Consistent Audio Levels Within The Episode

It is not often that I am close to volume control while listening to a podcast, so significant volume variations aren’t something I usually put up with:

  • Host volume softer than guest (I want to hear the questions!)
  • Episode introduction (music or narration) significantly louder than the rest of the episode.


No Foul Language

Whenever I find something useful to share, I do. And it is better to not have to worry about making a note to the person I’m recommending the podcast to “make sure headphones are on, and only for private listening”.


Consistent Volume Across Different Episodes

It is so much easier for me to go through my downloaded podcast list and just pick the episodes I want, play — and not worry about the ones that ‘go together’ (have the same volume level)

The good news is, that this is not so much a deal breaker for me, as I have found a way to work around it:

  • Download episodes
  • Pick the one I’d like to listen to the most (Favourite of the Day)
  • Randomly listen midway each episode, and find the ones that have the same audio levels
  • Save files as playlist (and when naming the file — note audio level required)


Interested in hearing my take on your podcast? More than happy to!

Get in touch with me here. 🙂


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