Why Trust is important

After reading Ann Handley‘s entry about her experience with JetBlue — I had a nagging thought: ‘That was too convenient, was it a set-up?’

That could be what I walked away with..but it wasn’t.


Because my previous impressions of both have been favourable, and I was able to dismiss this (likely wrong!) thought.

I first came across Ann when she responded to a post mentioning her (it was one of those lists about marketing — and I would have liked to share it with you, as you would have probably wanted her to be your ‘bestie’ after reading her brilliant response).

Which led me to check out her blog posts…find one that was an interesting read…then tweet about it. Of course, Ann being the awesome person that she is (taking time to respond to mentions and comments) — thanked me.



Now…onto JetBlue

JetBlue‘s decision to be one of the companies supporting Morgan Spurlock so he could make ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold‘ was enough. (Haven’t watched it? Morgan’s TED talk might help a bit)


Because I trust both sides — the no-so-nice-thought I had was only entertained for but a fleeting moment. 🙂


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