From Those Who Have Come Before

Okay! No more excuses on why you can’t attend a one day conference! πŸ™‚

Yes, no sign-ups or traveling needed. Re-watch the 23 September live feed here.


Key Times:

  • 34:18 – Intro
  • 45: 22 – Barbara Corcoran talks about her journey including the negative comment that was directed at her — which she used as fuel to drive her towards achieving the exact opposite.
  • 2:06:31 – Trevor Owens guides us through a way to go from start-up (investigation and testing of revenue streams) to a company (executing to bring in more revenue) — by sharing a process to make pivoting and idea generation more effective.
  • 2:39:51 – Panel (Aneesh Advani, Brian Meece, and Joy Marcus) Discussion #1 – including what is missing from crowdfunding (the mentoring you receive from a Venture Capital investor — who can give you a lot of insight because of their experience.)
  • 4:28:58 – Tim Berry guides us through his learnings (including the importance of deciding equity and the downside of giving away equity in exchange for services).
  • 5:16:12 – Panel (Alexandra Levit, Barry Moltz, Ivana Taylor, and John Jantsch) Discussion #2 – Leadership and Culture – including what the term ‘entrepreneur’ covers.
  • 6:20:47 – Denise Lee Yohn talks about what great brands do.
  • 7:17:17 – Mark Kohler talks about the different tax structures (upsides, downsides, and recommendations for certain businesses) for those doing (or planning) business in the US. Not looking to do business there? that’s cool, because you still might want to stick around for Mark’s cheeky talk (keep your ears peeled for the part when Mark shares the conversation he had with his wife when she asks if he’ll ever take her out if he wouldn’t get a tax deduction).


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Additional Links:

Brain Food on the Go

It’s increasingly challenging to find pages packed with information, that would load pretty quickly on a mobile device.

Here are some for you to check out:

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A Tinge of Minimalism

It all seems too easy, just box all your stuff and off you go to your newly created minimalistic life.

Then weeks and months pass and you still haven’t done the ‘boxing up’ exercise that seems to work when you look at others who have successfully embraced minimalism.

Don’t worry, I’m not a minimalist! And I’m guessing I might not even get to earn enough brownie points to get to the point that I could call myself a minimalist (of course I wouldn’t want to upset the purists!).


Thing is…I like the concept of having lesser stuff. And I am happy to report that I have found a way forward! πŸ™‚


One question and action.


Question (to ask after picking up an object from your chosen area): Does this belong here?


Action: Bring it where it belongs!


Looking at the things directly in front of me…I’ll start:

  • A rechargeable battery (AA) – no, it belongs in a container where all the AA and AAA batteries are stored (inside a clear plastic container with a label: ‘batteries to be recharged’).
  • Four sets of Post-it Flags – no, they belong in a drawer where all the other sticky notes are.
  • Coins ($3) – no, they are supposed to be in a coin purse (excess coins get taken to the bank for deposit).
  • A Guitar Pick – no, it belongs in my kit bits drawer (where a number of music knickknacks are, including the resealable bag that contains my other spare picks)


Yay! Four less things for me to put away! πŸ™‚


Would you like to try…and pick your four?


You just did!? Whooo hooo! Surprised that it was easier that you thought? πŸ™‚


Here’s more minimalist quotes to get you going from full-on practitioners:

  • “I’ve found it helpful to think of these changes as a marathon, not a sprint” – Leo Babauta
  • “Imagine your life a year from now…five years from now. What’s it gonna look like?” – Ryan Nicodemus

TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Talks

Feel like you’re drifting? blocked?


Here are some that might help you decide on what to focus on or get you unblocked:


Found some interesting ones that have been uploaded recently? Let me know — I have still to catch up!


First time hearing about TED? That’s okay! πŸ™‚


In a nutshell, what’s cool about TED:

  • You can download and share videos (as much as you want!)
  • Subtitle options in a number of talks (you can watch and experience each talk with minimal volume)
  • A good alternative when you don’t resonate with anything that is on TV.

Podcasts That Resonate

Ran out of podcasts to soothe you to sleep during bedtime? Here are a couple of approaches that might get you closer to the one(s) that you resonate with most.

  • Interviewer/Host – maybe check out his/her episodes on other podcasts.
  • Interviewee – There are times that you’ll resonate more with them when they are being interviewed. That’s cool — we all have our own personal tastes! (and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty that you don’t enjoy a particular podcast as much as them!)
  • Recommendations – just ask (use this form) and I can give you a bunch of suggestions based on what you find interesting. (You can also check out this entry).

Approach #1 & #2 got me to find out about Mike’s interview and make me pay more attention to Lewis Howes (you can find one of his interviews here — and an episode of his own podcast here).

Embedding Media

Did you know you can embed content from Twitter, Instagram & Facebook to your posts — just by using the URL?

As soon as I discovered that I could embed a tweet to an entry easily by just inserting the link, I was ecstatic! Not only it saves me time when including media with an entry — I save storage space space too!

If you’d notice that is so much easier than going through the ‘Add Media’ option. (Do keep in mind — that this method seems to be the most effective way when embedding YouTube videos)

Want to check out some samples? Dean’s Q&A has a variety of media — all embedded (except for the YouTube video) just by inserting the URL.

Next I’m hoping to have a go at media from Flickr! πŸ™‚


How about you? What’s your method of embedding media when crafting your entries? (You can send me a message here!)

Distributing music using CD Baby

For awhile now (since 2009), I’ve been sitting on one of my first songs. And after hearing some interesting things about CD Baby (and multiple visits to their member sign-up page), I thought I’d take the plunge since I have a already had a MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

It took awhile (3 days I think?) before I finally hit publish.


Some notes about my experience:

  • It sounds weird to say, but it is really easy to release music for digital distribution. (I’m not sure about the intricacies about doing covers — thought I noticed that it is possible to release a cover version of a song. Maybe it is as simple as crediting the songwriter when filling out the form?)
  • I was on the fence about selecting distribution (should I go with all? even unpaid ones? — I eventually did)
  • It helps to take some times before hitting the ‘publish button’ (you get an email from the CD Baby team asking you to check: Audio, Art work, Genre, and Any spelling mistakes or typos) — because things like album notes and artist bio does need more than 5 minutes to consider.
  • Recordings are specific – CD baby would accept Mp3s, though they strongly suggest uploading a loss-less file (like WAV). I was happy (enough) with the mp3 version (I eventually went with the 2009 recording — rather than recent ones.), but then that still didn’t come through (I think the note I got that it wasn’t in stereo?). So the next day I did two recordings — liked the take, but just wasn’t happy with the ‘less-than-clean’ sound. I was stuck…and after pondering a bit, I decided to go with my original 2009 mp3, convert that to WAV, and try…and what do you know! success!
  • Links are important! – before finalising my release, I browsed through other releases, and noticed that a number of the artists haven’t included links (which was a shame, as there were a couple I wanted to reach out to!). I think it is largely due to the links section difficult to find (it should be midway on the page of the release — along with editing of the artist’s bio).

After receiving the confirmation that digital distribution is a go, I am now going to wait patiently to see if it has been released (CD Baby, then iTunes — then will check out Spotify, Google Play, Amazon…)


How about you? Got something to share about digital distribution? (via CD Baby or elsewhere?). You can reach me through the WNE Contact form. πŸ™‚