Distributing music using CD Baby

For awhile now (since 2009), I’ve been sitting on one of my first songs. And after hearing some interesting things about CD Baby (and multiple visits to their member sign-up page), I thought I’d take the plunge since I have a already had a MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

It took awhile (3 days I think?) before I finally hit publish.


Some notes about my experience:

  • It sounds weird to say, but it is really easy to release music for digital distribution. (I’m not sure about the intricacies about doing covers — thought I noticed that it is possible to release a cover version of a song. Maybe it is as simple as crediting the songwriter when filling out the form?)
  • I was on the fence about selecting distribution (should I go with all? even unpaid ones? — I eventually did)
  • It helps to take some times before hitting the ‘publish button’ (you get an email from the CD Baby team asking you to check: Audio, Art work, Genre, and Any spelling mistakes or typos) — because things like album notes and artist bio does need more than 5 minutes to consider.
  • Recordings are specific – CD baby would accept Mp3s, though they strongly suggest uploading a loss-less file (like WAV). I was happy (enough) with the mp3 version (I eventually went with the 2009 recording — rather than recent ones.), but then that still didn’t come through (I think the note I got that it wasn’t in stereo?). So the next day I did two recordings — liked the take, but just wasn’t happy with the ‘less-than-clean’ sound. I was stuck…and after pondering a bit, I decided to go with my original 2009 mp3, convert that to WAV, and try…and what do you know! success!
  • Links are important! – before finalising my release, I browsed through other releases, and noticed that a number of the artists haven’t included links (which was a shame, as there were a couple I wanted to reach out to!). I think it is largely due to the links section difficult to find (it should be midway on the page of the release — along with editing of the artist’s bio).

After receiving the confirmation that digital distribution is a go, I am now going to wait patiently to see if it has been released (CD Baby, then iTunes — then will check out Spotify, Google Play, Amazon…)


How about you? Got something to share about digital distribution? (via CD Baby or elsewhere?). You can reach me through the WNE Contact form. 🙂

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