Embedding Media

Did you know you can embed content from Twitter, Instagram & Facebook to your posts — just by using the URL?

As soon as I discovered that I could embed a tweet to an entry easily by just inserting the link, I was ecstatic! Not only it saves me time when including media with an entry — I save storage space space too!

If you’d notice that is so much easier than going through the ‘Add Media’ option. (Do keep in mind — that this method seems to be the most effective way when embedding YouTube videos)

Want to check out some samples? Dean’s Q&A has a variety of media — all embedded (except for the YouTube video) just by inserting the URL.

Next I’m hoping to have a go at media from Flickr! 🙂


How about you? What’s your method of embedding media when crafting your entries? (You can send me a message here!)

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