Podcasts That Resonate

Ran out of podcasts to soothe you to sleep during bedtime? Here are a couple of approaches that might get you closer to the one(s) that you resonate with most.

  • Interviewer/Host – maybe check out his/her episodes on other podcasts.
  • Interviewee – There are times that you’ll resonate more with them when they are being interviewed. That’s cool — we all have our own personal tastes! (and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty that you don’t enjoy a particular podcast as much as them!)
  • Recommendations – just ask (use this form) and I can give you a bunch of suggestions based on what you find interesting. (You can also check out this entry).

Approach #1 & #2 got me to find out about Mike’s interview and make me pay more attention to Lewis Howes (you can find one of his interviews here — and an episode of his own podcast here).

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