From Those Who Have Come Before

Okay! No more excuses on why you can’t attend a one day conference! 🙂

Yes, no sign-ups or traveling needed. Re-watch the 23 September live feed here.


Key Times:

  • 34:18 – Intro
  • 45: 22 – Barbara Corcoran talks about her journey including the negative comment that was directed at her — which she used as fuel to drive her towards achieving the exact opposite.
  • 2:06:31 – Trevor Owens guides us through a way to go from start-up (investigation and testing of revenue streams) to a company (executing to bring in more revenue) — by sharing a process to make pivoting and idea generation more effective.
  • 2:39:51 – Panel (Aneesh Advani, Brian Meece, and Joy Marcus) Discussion #1 – including what is missing from crowdfunding (the mentoring you receive from a Venture Capital investor — who can give you a lot of insight because of their experience.)
  • 4:28:58 – Tim Berry guides us through his learnings (including the importance of deciding equity and the downside of giving away equity in exchange for services).
  • 5:16:12 – Panel (Alexandra Levit, Barry Moltz, Ivana Taylor, and John Jantsch) Discussion #2 – Leadership and Culture – including what the term ‘entrepreneur’ covers.
  • 6:20:47 – Denise Lee Yohn talks about what great brands do.
  • 7:17:17 – Mark Kohler talks about the different tax structures (upsides, downsides, and recommendations for certain businesses) for those doing (or planning) business in the US. Not looking to do business there? that’s cool, because you still might want to stick around for Mark’s cheeky talk (keep your ears peeled for the part when Mark shares the conversation he had with his wife when she asks if he’ll ever take her out if he wouldn’t get a tax deduction).


Want a complimentary copy of my notes? send me a message through the first form on this page.


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