How much time, really?

Being able to track the time you spend on a task not only stops you from having no idea where the rest of your day went, it also could serve as inspiration — if you do want to find ways to invest the next (unplanned) 2 hours when you are free.

For the Q&A, the approximate time I have in my head at the moment is that it takes me approximately 10 hours to finish one. This includes:

  • Question Prep
  • Research
  • Editing
  • Follow-ups


Thing is, if I do want to improve myself in terms of where (and how) I invest my time — just approximate numbers wouldn’t do. So I’m now tracking the time I spend on each Q&A.


Some things that may help with your own relationship with time management:


Interested in updates about my experiment? Sure! You can send me a quick note via YouTube (don’t forget to log-in!) or here. 🙂



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