What makes you smile?

I had just been thinking about the various things we do that enable us to easily bond with others. One of the things that came to mind (probably the most accessible?) is though humour.


Some (random ones) that caught my eye:

  • 0:30 (cute hat huh? hehehe) in this Maru video :


Related Links:

  • “We all have that one person in our lives who, no matter the circumstances, can put a smile on our otherwise scrunched face.” – Lindsay Holmes (Huffington Post)
  • “Future innovators often produce hilarious feats of imagination.” – Rosabeth Moss Kanter (HBR)
  • “It can provide welcome perspective on the process, can lighten the challenges involved, and can keep undue seriousness at bay.” –  Carl Pickhardt


I’d really like to find out what yours is like! Can you describe it? or is it defined more by what makes you smile and laugh? Sure, you can put something on the comment section — or send me something directly. 🙂

Note 1: I’m absolutely not expecting that you will have the same tastes as me! I’ve learned that it is quite okay to get along well with another person even if we don’t laugh at the same things (though I am a firm believer that eventually there will be something that would get both of us smiling and laughing!)

Note 2: Want more links? 🙂 Send me a quick hello…and I’ll be sure to send ’em to you!




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