The Importance of ‘No’

Making the wrong decision scares the heck out of me. Thing is, in order to grow (and move forward), I can’t just say yes to everything…or do nothing.

My saving grace (on some days) and reminder, came in the form of something from a review:


Some examples of the power of saying ‘No’:


Additional Reading:


Author’s Note: I intentionally keep entries short — elaboration and rants reserved for individual conversations (including those who reach out to me).


7 thoughts on “The Importance of ‘No’

  1. I think this is a really important skill to master! Especially when things change. Like now I have baby, I need to say no to things I’d say yes to previously, and try to figure out what my new limits are now I have a tiny little person to care for too!

    Although too often it means I say no to emails 😉


      • Aww you replied! I just now wondered what that little orange box was at the top of my screen, clicked it and it was a message from you! So sorry for my delayed response, I’ve never seen this feature before!
        thanks for cheering me on! I’m aiming to do emails this weekend, fingers crossed! 😀


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