A Cool Contact Form

If you are thinking about the format of your contact form, you might want to have a look at what Merlin Mann has on his site. πŸ™‚

While listening to his episode on Beyond The To Do List, I latched on to something he said — and was reminded of a book I was reading. Reminded by what Mel Robbins said during her talk (“If you have one of those little impulses that are pulling you. If you don’t marry it with an action within five seconds, you pull the emergency break and kill the idea.”), I instantly clung to the thought of sending him a message — and went straight to Merlin’s contact page.

Now when I got there…I instantly noticed (okay…maybe not instantly!) that this was no ordinary contact form. As Merlin has sprinkled some notes for different sections of the form.

Name (A tidbit from DC and how disagrees with it)

2015-02-23 - MM - Contact Form - Name - Blank

Email Address (Assuring you that it will be safe…then pulling your leg.)

2015-02-23 - MM - Contact Form - Email - Blank

Your Introduction (How you know him. My favourite bit: “If we haven’t met, please tell me your favorite thing you ever made. Where I can go to admire it?”)

* Now…I’m guessing my brain is still on autopilot, because somehow…despite having read that. I still had it in my head that I should put in my message (I didn’t expect there was a next page! Sorry Merlin!)

2015-02-23 - MM - Contact Form - Intro - Blank

Message Importance (I really like this one, as it can tell a bit about the person sending the message. Would the content of their message match the message importance they have selected?)


2015-02-23 - MM - Contact Form - Importance - Drop Down

Subject Line (he hints — and slightly dares you? — that it would be good to put some thought on the subject line you go for.)

2015-02-23 - MM - Contact Form - Subject - Blank

Message Content (a limit might be a good idea for first time…message…senders..)

2015-02-23 - MM - Contact Form - Message Content - Blank

Doesn’t that make you smile? I did notice that on his FAQ, he mentions that he will likely not be able to get back to my message. Even with the knowledge, that I may not hear back from him…I still find him likable (Isn’t that great? Being able to leave a good impression, even if there is a significant chance a visitor from your site wouldn’t likely get a response from you?).

Have you come across a contact form that you were delighted by? I’m sure others would like to hear about it as well! πŸ˜€

P.S. I got another chance to apply Mel’s advice right before I hit send (the thought was: “this would be an interesting post!”)…and the action was to make a note of the structure of the post. I managed to jot it down quickly — and am using it now as a guide. πŸ™‚


First time visiting? It’ll be great if you head here after reading. πŸ™‚



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