Video Editing: Adding Audio (Windows Live Movie Maker)

Don’t discount the capabilities of the video editor that comes with Windows! The one I used as an example is from Windows 7.

Whether you’d like to sync external audio or would like to add music to your video — here is a quick how-to. 🙂

  1. Once Movie Maker is open — then start adding the video you’d like to use.
  2. Click Add Music — select the audio file 2015-02-28 - WMM - Adding Music
  3. If you are syncing external audio — you can drag the audio file, until it fits the video. For millisecond related changes — you can zoom in then drag the audio to the right position. 2015-02-28 - WMM - Adjusting Start-Stop - ZoomAnother way to do millisecond related changes is to click on the music tool option, to manually enter the start time for your audio file until it syncs up with the video.2015-02-28 - WMM - Adjusting Start-Stop - Specific Start Time
  4. If you would like to change the volume levels of both the imported audio and the audio that came with your video, just click on music 2015-02-28 - WMM - Audio Volume Mixand video volume. Once there you can adjust the levels (or even completely mute the audio from the video you took) as you see fit. 2015-02-28 - WMM - Video Volume Mix


Happy editing! 🙂 Let me know if your video is up on YouTube so I can check it out!

Next entry, I’d like to give a quick tutorial to clean up an audio file using Audacity. This helps if you want to eliminate background noise or want to level out certain parts of the audio.


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