Cleaning Up Audio Using Audacity

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I’d be making a guide to take you through improving the quality of the audio you’ve recorded. This helps if you want to eliminate background noise or want to level out certain parts of the audio.


After you’ve opened the audio file you wanted to clean up:

  1. Check if you are happy with the volume level (listen to your audio). If not, use the amplify tool (once audio has been selected click on effect –> amplify) 2015-03-03 - Cleaning Up Audio - Amplifyor increasing the volume output (if you choose this method I recommend you to save the file — by exporting it as wav or mp3)2015-03-03 - Cleaning Up Audio - Volume
  2. Identify areas where noise (aka unwanted sound) exists, then use the noise removal tool. 2015-03-03 - Cleaning Up Audio - Locating NoiseOnly noise should be present — because if you have a combination of noise and the audio you want to keep…and you use that as your noise profile…the result would be is that your ‘wanted’ sound would dissappear as well! (so this is pretty important! Just look for areas where only ‘noise’ exists)
  3. Get your noise profile (effect –> noise removal —> get noise profile) 2015-03-03 - Cleaning Up Audio - Noise Profile
  4. Proceed removing noise by selecting all (CTRL+A) then going to effect –> noise removal —> okay. (If you made a mistake and need to turn back time…one step back…just remember the undo button! or CTRL+Z)2015-03-03 - Cleaning Up Audio - Noise Removal
  5. After that, you’ll notice that your audio is visually (and audibly!) cleaner!
  6. Repeat as necessary (since you can visually see if there is noise  — even how faint it may be — you can just apply the process as much as you like).


* If you are wanting to clean up the audio that came with the video you’ve taken, you can also use audacity to capture it. Once Audacity is open, just select stereo mix as your source — then hit record. 2015-03-03 - Cleaning Up Audio - Grabbing(If stereo mix is not available as a choice, enable it from your recording devices preferences. Right click on the volume control icon; select recording devices; then a window would come up with your current available devices; if stereo mix does not appear, just right click and you’ll be able to display disabled and disconnected devices; once you tick them you should be able to enable stereo mix)

Looking for a way to mix your audio with your video? check out my previous entry.

First time visiting? It’ll be great if you head here after reading. 🙂



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