A Twitter Tidbit

It never fails to make me smile when I get these little (pleasant) surprises life brings. One example (that may end up as a favourite!) is how I learned something new about Twitter by noticing Ryan Reynolds‘ profile.

Last week I was looking through the tweets of a fellow Twitter user (who decided to give me a follow recently) and 13 tweets down (I found the tweets interesting..like this!)

then did a double take (I may have said: ‘whoa!’ out loud) when I got to this:

2015-03-04 - Twitter Learnings - You Next to Ryan - Tweets

I took time looking at it, and then attempted to make sense of it. My first thought was: “Why would Twitter suggest someone to follow me…and Ryan Reynolds — what’s the link!?”

Then after a minute…it made sense…when I noticed that we were followed close to each other (I did a test to find out who went first and now know that Ryan was followed first, then me)

2015-03-04 - Twitter Learnings - You Next to Ryan - Following List

Now I know another additional way my Twitter gets exposure (resulting in me getting to connect with more cool people!) other than just the ‘recommended for you’ section (left hand side when you are on your profile — or right before the tweets of someone you had just followed).

(Looking to find out more about using Twitter?)

First time visiting? It’ll be great if you head here after reading. 🙂



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