The One Thing

Have you considered how essential the task you are doing? One quick way is by asking yourself: “Is this the one thing I should be doing right now?”

With our field of vision (screens — whether on the computer or the phone) constant filled with distractions (like the Instagram feed of Paul Jarvis — sprinkled with appearances of his cute rats), not to mention normal brain distractions (good: ideas seemingly popping out of nowhere; bad: ‘What if I don’t hit my sales figures this week?’)

It doesn’t mean you ignore the ideas that pop up when you clearly should be working on something else. You just have to capture them (now! no pen? load your notes app on your phone, type in, or record a voice memo) — then put them on hold.

Once your done with that one thing, get ready to put on your best Bartlet voice and ask with a smile: “What’s Next?”

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