Your Life In Sound

I get it now.

All those times when I’m bothered by background noise (sometimes even music I forget to turn off) when working on something, I failed to see how embracing my own score can remind me that I need to keep focused on the story I’m weaving.



Focused, as in mindful. Not going on auto-pilot, in a way that I’d miss an opportunity to connect with someone and hear about their story. Mindful in a way that even if I have a disappointing result, there is always a takeaway — and I can always find ways to grow.



So here am I now, typing away. And earlier, I had this playing in the background while pondering how to structure this post once I had my ‘AHA Moment’

I wish you well on your journey, to the story you’re weaving. Just in case you don’t have any music with you, that’s okay. Just look up, and see how the clouds are different today, and will never look the same way again.



I can’t help but smile. I get it. I do. 😀



First time visiting? It’ll be great if you head here after reading. 🙂



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