FAQ #1: Writing

Finding people who I resonate with — and learn from their approach. (simple as that!)

I’ve not been a big fan of mailing lists, and have only embraced them recently. It started because of my interest to improve my pitching (aka copy-writing) skills, and my ‘AHA Concept’ was to just check out what others were doing.

The workaround was to just send all of these emails (I didn’t want distractions) in an email I’ve structure specifically to receive all that information.

The other way to improve (I guess it is still under copy-writing) is to read what is out there. One specific entry I found really interesting was from Jason Zook (yep, the guy who sold his last name!).

Looking at the entry the structure came across as:

  • Benefit (First Paragraph: “One of the best feelings you can have…”)
  • Pain Point (Second Paragraph: “They end up stick somewhere in between…”)
  • Inspiration (Third Paragraph: “About the Hero’s Journey” — Nancy Duarte also mentions this in her TED talk.
  • Application (Fourth Paragraph: “There’s a ton of trial and error…”)
  • Brick Wall (Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh paragraphs: “..the trial and error section…”
  • Solution (Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh paragraphs: “…one thing they’ve all had in common was a product to profit roadmap.”)
  • Pricing, Call-to-Action, Benefits (remaining paragraphs)

The page that I’d like to implement this first is the WNE Q&A patron page. (It does look like it needs a bit of a spruce doesn’t it?)


* Two questions for this entry:

  • Who do you look up to? (And how do you keep up to date with them?)
  • An entry that gave you an interesting perspective and changed your approach to writing (could be email, social media, or your personal entries)?


You can find the ever changing FAQ here (with a dash of cheekiness!). Individual entries are created (like this!) when the situation warrants it. 🙂



First time visiting? It’ll be great if you head here after reading. 🙂



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