Experiments in Crowdfunding

After watching AJ Leon talk about his fear about his crowdfunding project (on Kickstarter) failing, I got my ‘AHA moment’ about failure: “If I try out a couple of things on Kickstarter, I’d have a couple of public failures on my belt”

I know! (Insane!) The idea of actually failing publicly was so enticing (I must have been brainwashed by all those entrepreneurial talks I’ve been watching — and the whole notion of the importance of failing often seems to make sense), because it would be so easy to point them out if I get asked the question (oh…examples of some of my failures? let me email you a URL…).

After I had that option stewing at the back of my mind, in went Scott Adams’ comment about no one knowing a good idea when they come across it. My idea for approaching crowd-funding came together nicely: ‘I churn out ideas and see how they go.’

Thing is, because I had so many ideas (all transferred on paper — in a binder to flip through), it was difficult to choose which one to go first (and by this time I had a tinge of wanting to back out…and…well…not to it at all!). I just chose something that could fit (I had a video that I could use…and though it still took hours to type down the content — my brain was sweating).

For your viewing (and reading) pleasure (!?). You can find it here.

Although I didn’t have as great of a fear as AJ had that my Kickstarter project would fail, I still wanted to give it (and future projects) the best chance of succeeding. I read a couple of articles from Entrepeneur and Fast Company.

I just felt deflated when I realised that I wouldn’t have the resources to get to a 100% success rate (or close to it) each time I start a new project. But then…

I read this! And was instantly lifted up! (Actually…that’s not true. I was about halfway through the article, then I jumped on to create this entry)


I dare you not to crack a smile when you:


Need some fear busting? Maybe crowdfunding may be your solution too! (Okay…maybe you’re not out to kick fear out to the kerb. How about just to start something. Or maybe just to work out your idea muscle?)





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