FAQ #2: A Swift Kick

Stop staring at your to-do list (or maybe a goal you have on a sticky note that keeps staring at you each morning)! Bust out your highlighter, take fifteen minutes and take that bit of action now!


You know the feeling right? Seeing that task list…that goal…


And then promising yourself that you’ll do something…later…tomorrow…


Then one year goes by and you’re still saying the same thing!


Hey…whoa…no feeling guilty there. 🙂 It’s not too late.


Some Actions (Small Steps!) you can take:

  • Find someone to bug you relentlessly (preferably someone who is in your trusted ‘inner circle’).
  • Spend 10 minutes watching something that you’ll know will get you going (maybe something inspirational like Tony’s chat with John or Aimee Mullins sharing stories about her journey as an athlete)
  • Spend 30 minutes writing out your task list for that goal (it’s okay if you don’t finish — just start a draft! If you already have something written down — arrange it from the ones that you’ll have to do first.)


What worked for you? Keen to hear! 😀



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