Fired Up

I’ve heard it multiple times: ‘Thoughts affect mood’ — and one other thing I’ve been reminded recently is the effect of what I expose myself to. Whether it is people or media.

Did my thoughts just take me from disappointment to despair? Or disappointment to thankfulness (having learned something from that experience)?

In my quest for ‘less is more’ (aka minimalism), I aim to steer clear of things (Film, TV, Articles…) that make me less motivated to take little steps towards my goals. If I do find myself sliding back, I’d turn to my library of links, notes and books that bring me back to the right frame of mind.



Love to hear about the things (articles, videos, quotes…) that help you get to the right frame of mind! 😀



First time visiting? It’ll be great if you head here after reading. 🙂



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