Be You

One of the highlights of last week for me was this interaction:

Bryce*: You ever heard of Red vs Blue?

Me: Is that the YouTube Channel one?

Bryce*: …that’s the one lol. It is in it’s 13th season and started out as a gag show done just because. No real plot was put into it until it caught major popularity. Now the plot they have with it is amazing and it is still hilarious.

Me: Ooooh…I have to check that out!

Bryce*: [sends link of episode one]

Me: What would you say is the best show that continues to make you smile and laugh?

Bryce*: Toss up between red vs blue whose line and psych.

Me: [After watching a bit of the episode] I think I might prefer Psych more than ‘Red Vs Blue’

[Mentioned some observations about the series — how the length is different during the early episodes: from 4-8 minutes. And all the while deciding whether to share aversion to excessive swearing…]

Me: Unfortunately I get turned off when there is constant swearing. [frown emoticon]

 Bryce*: Ahhh I didn’t know. Sorry about that.

Me: [relieved]

Note: Though I got Bryce’s — blessing to share our interaction. I decided to change his name, out of respect for his privacy. I’ve also done some edits on the interaction (posting a verbatim version would probably be too much!)



The main reason of my reluctance was due to a disappointing chat (months ago) with someone who’s writings I enjoy reading. When I asked him what he thought about ‘Whiplash‘, and sharing that I won’t be able to watch it due to my rule of automatically discounting films rated MA or above (another film I wanted to check out was ‘Birdman‘ — because of the use of only one instrument for the score)…he instantly dismissed my personal rule, and told me to ignore the rating.

Thinking back, I now know that it was just their way of answering the simple question: ‘Are you one of my people?’. Bryce might be — and the writer might not.


My main takeaway: Don’t compromise your choices just because you’re scared of loosing a connection.


Looking forward to hear about your stories! 🙂 How did the interaction end? And what have you learned? Were there instances that you wished you shared a tidbit about yourself (like me you might have been stuck with giving Bryce the impression that I didn’t mind excessive swearing)? Or are you the type who wouldn’t hold back?





First time visiting? It’ll be great if you head here after reading. 🙂


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