Guess What I Bought?

“Everyone wants to buy, but no one wants to be sold to.”

I’ve come across this concept before (though that specific phrase may have come from Philip Hesketh’s book —- which I am in the process of re-rereading…just to find that phrase!), thought it was only until I came across this webinar that I understood. Specifically once it hit 7:08 and there was the example of our most likely reply upon entering a store, if we are approached by a salesperson and asked: ‘May I help you?’


I got so excited about my discovery that I was keen on reaching out to any of my contacts who were going to be in a similar situation that week. Why? Because I wanted to let them test out some of my ideas — then hear about the kind of responses they got.



Do you have a memorable encounter while shopping? How did your conversation go? (And do you keep returning to that same shop?) Looking forward to hear your stories! πŸ™‚





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Notes & Paperwork

Do you struggle with getting in control of the paperwork you generate when you take notes (including idea generation)?

If you do…then I’m exactly like you!

As part if ensuring that I stay focused on what I’m working on (progressing or finishing), I track the time I spend on each task. So if a distraction (maybe I need to pause to jot down an idea) comes my way…I can easily get back to what I was doing — without needing to waste precious brain power.

The downside of my note-taking strategy is that most times I just end up jotting them on my time-tracking sheet! Which requires me to transfer or action them again — as a result, I’d have a stack of time tracking sheets that I couldn’t put in the recycling bin (after shedding of course!).

My current solution is to include the note where it belongs (most times it requires me to type it up and file it), so If I need to work on that particular task (where the idea generated is linked to) I have a bunch of things I can use (no need to stress and generate ideas on the spot!).

And when filing — I don’t use a binder called ‘Ideas or Misc’ anymore (unless the idea really doesn’t fall anywhere — though if I think about it now…is it worth saving if it doesn’t fall anywhere?).


My Main Task Folders:

  • Kickstarter – Lots of ideas fall in this topic interestingly. Though Kickstarter may just be my first option when creating a crowdfunding related project.
  • Go Fund Me
  • Cold Calls – For ‘Walk In My Shoes‘. Reaching out to Restaurant, Cafes, Shops (bookstores, clothing shops…) — asking if they’d be interested to add my single to their playlist (either as an audio file or included to their streaming playlist). One cafe I reached out to said that they use Spotify so I emailed them the link.
  • Instrumental Album – ideas for progressing new tracks.
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Q&A Sessions – Future Interviewees, Question Ideas…
  • Personal Blog
  • Reaching Out – more directed to the individual rather than an organisation (like the Cold Call section)


My main takeaway: Decide on a strategy, then implement it.


What kind of strategies have worked for you? (To keep you focused, even when you get interruptions?) Looking forward to hear your stories! πŸ™‚





First time visiting? It’ll be great if you head here after reading. πŸ™‚