When what they say about you isn’t true

Just translate it as: ‘Our way of thinking is toxic to yours, so stay back!’


So when someone tells you…

  • You can’t write.
  • You can’t coach
  • That’s not a good business idea
  • You don’t know anything about sales


Remind yourself…


And…keep as much distance away from that person! 🙂


Are there more I should have added to the list? (Do Tell!!!)



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How you can inspire someone through rejection

Just focus on the possibilities.

Similarly to what Seth wrote to one of the 342 people who didn’t make it to his six month alternative MBA:


“The good news, and I hope you think it’s good news, is that you don’t need me. As I said before, I have no magic wand, no secret recipe. Your decision to just make it happen, to push forward, to change… that was the hard part.

Go. Do that. Blow them away. I fully expect it will happen.”


I think of the last time I felt gut punched (not that I have..really experience it…) after I didn’t get the result I hoped…

…and thought that if I can just find ways to avoid having another person feel the same way I did, I’d do it. A small start is to be extra mindful in any of my interactions with others (and maybe take that extra minute to shift the conversation more positively).

More delicious stuff:


Do you have a memorable note (positive or negative) that just gives you energy to go after your goals to make your vision for your life happen?



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