Metrics That Matter

It’s easy to get distracted by information that isn’t going to help you decide if your strategy is working. One such category is things beyond your control.

For example, you can’t control how many sales you’ll get in that month — but you can control the number of people you approach.

In one of her webinars Jaime Tardy breaks down the process to reach your sales goals:

  • Decide how many clients you need for that month.
  • Look back on your past interactions to see how many pitches you needed to do before your get a client
  • Find out how many people you approached before you found a prospect.


For me, the one metric I’m making sure that I focus on is the number of people who found value in what I’ve shared with them. Just like for the 10,000 Notes of Encouragement Project — the question I focus on is: ‘How can I encourage this person today?’; not: ‘If I send this person an encouraging note, would he help me reach my fundraising goal?’


I like when Marcus Sheridan talked about how Effective sales isn’t about coercion or convincing, It’s about identifying where we can have the greatest impact.


What are the metrics that matter to you?




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