This exchange:

HB: Is there a succession plan?

JB: Yeah, there is a succession plan for me, and for all of our senior executives.

HB: There is somebody who would take over?

JB: Yes, absolutely.

HB: Who?

JB: Secret.




Just a reminder that how someone came across before…could be different. Maybe it’s the medium!


What are your favourite Jeff Bezos videos and articles?




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The 1% Improvement Strategy

Yep, change is difficult (and sometimes painful)! So why not deal with the difficulty (erm…pain) in a way that is less confronting (okay veer your eyes away from the immense clutter from your desk)?

This is a video that no matter how cheesy it came across (it was the green screen graphics for me), I didn’t mind sharing it because it was where I first discovered the one percent principle. The idea was to just do enough to progress 1%.

To the ‘past me’, it was mind-blowing. Something I could manage without getting too overwhelmed and end up retreating to something that would ease the ‘pain’ of going through the action (like…say…finding 20 people to send encouraging notes to…or watch a film that has been on my ‘to-watch’ list).

Come on! One percent right? Easy peasy!

Oh…looking for something to ‘remind’ me to progress? Yeah…yeah…you can send me a message and ask if I’ve finished my current laundry pile (I line-dry, so it’s sometimes so easy to put it off if there is a chance of rain!). 🙂

What’s awesome about getting to your goal (even if it’s going to be clearing your laundry pile like me), is it’ll find it’s way to other aspects of your life (even in your business). There’s a section in one of the episodes of ‘The Unmistakable Creative’ when the guest mentions this effect (if I don’t have the link up to the episode by the time you read this…you are more than welcome to give me a yell).

What is it for you?




First time visiting? It’ll be great if you head here after reading. 🙂