Trust Experiments

As I was watching Joel Peterson’s talk, I was hit with an idea on how to apply incrementally trusting someone (100 times in little ways).


Since I’ve already accepted that sometimes it matters little what I say, and more on that initial connection with the person — I’m going to approach the experiment similarly. Instead of focusing more on fine-tuning (which I probably will…a bit) the right thing to say, It’ll be more on focusing on giving opportunities for the other person to communicate back: ‘I like interacting with you…let’s talk more!’


Experiment #1: I leave some items, and ask if the person would be open to watch it (letting them know I’d be back in 10 minutes). The items would be stuff that I am okay giving away (and would not feel gutted in case they get lost). Also, these items must have some value to me (books or films I like). It’s a bit like saying (in action form): ‘Hey, I’d like to take this risk and just trust you. What do you think?’


Also…in case I do hand over the items to a curious person — I’m also going to make sure I mention: ‘Oh…if you’d like something to read while waiting, there is one book there that you can check out!’


In respect to security, I will ensure that all the items are view-able by the person. So, if the items are in a bag, the bag has to be see-through.


The approach is also inspired by Scott Adams (he leans towards Systems rather than goals). Some possible results of the experiment:

  • I find another kindred spirit (bestie for life!)
  • We get talking and that person is actually looking for someone to help grow one of their brands (new client!)
  • An opportunity to introduce them to some brands I like.
  • I learn more about how different people trust, which would in turn help me advise current clients.


I’m planning to do more of these experiments in the future as ideas come up! If you’re thinking there might be an opportunity for me to do this too (I think you are right!)



Do you have some memorable (or even no so?) experiences on how you were able to trust someone in your circle by increments?




Did this post spark something that you’d like to talk about more? Go for it! Send me a quick note so I can learn about your bumpy (yet exciting!) adventures.


Was it was an action!?

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