Thinking Music

Somehow I am able to get a lot of thinking done while listening to Jack Johnson Albums.


How’d I go about my discovery? I was letting the car idle while parked so I could do my monthly running the warm then cold A/C for approximately 10-15 minutes each cycle. I noticed that as I let my thoughts run free…I kept getting ideas to progress projects I was working on (plus ideas for new projects!). I then looked at what was playing then realised I was listening to one of Jack’s album (It might have been ‘Bushfire Fairytales’)


Probably not good for ‘driving music’ for me. 🙂


After having that revelation, I decided to make a similar scale for music:

  • Music ImmersionJose Gonzales: Veneer (I first found out about him when he did the score for ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ — I was mesmerised by the end credits song probably because not only did it ‘feel’ and ‘sound’ like it was an extension of the film…the lyrics also made me feel so optimistic about the next hour, day, month, and years…).
  • Idea Generation Music – Will have to do some testing, so far Jack Johnson’s albums fit here.
  • Repetitive Tasks – I mix reviewing Deezer’s 40 million tracks (in the process of setting up a mailing list for this project — so you can easily sign up for updates!), to find tracks that I’d be keen to add to my ‘Music Immersion list’
  • Conversation Background – just something to cancel out the sound so there is less chance of being overheard by others. Somehow a mix of Electronic Dance Music and Songs with Motivational Lyrics fit here.
  • Focus – Quiet



What I found what works best, is if my attention ends up wandering — I add something to do (so the tasks gets varied in a way), so one way I ‘fill’ those moments is to have a Deezer mix playing (which I sift through, finding which ones that would get reviewed later, and others to flag so it doesn’t show up in that particular mix again!)



What about ‘driving music’ you ask? Oh I still am working on that one! Because it has to be something that forces me to be always looking out on the road. My rule is that even if something comes on that don’t like listening to, I’d wait until I was at the lights before changing the track or folder (or parked if I needed to switch CDs or fiddle with an externally connected audio device).


Have you found some of the albums that makes you more productive?




Did this post spark something that you’d like to talk about more? Go for it! Send me a quick note so I can learn about your bumpy (yet exciting!) adventures.


Was it was an action!?

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