The Gain

I just realised that I’ve let myself fall for the Sunk Cost Fallacy, after noticing that I spend more time than I should (not more than a second!) holding on to specific connections.


…human beings—even rational ones—have a limited capacity to remember the original reasoning behind their decisions. If that capacity is exceeded, the information could be lost—so we need a mental placeholder that can remind us of why we decided something…” – K Podcast



Two things seem to be the root of ‘my hope’ of getting back the time I’ve invested in each person:

  • I would finally figure out what kind of value I can bring – 10% likely
  • Might end up as part of my five – 3% likely


It took a conversation with a fellow Elementary viewer to jolt a reminder (yes like an indirect accountability partner!) effective enough to make me take notice that I am focusing on the pain (I’ve already invested hours in getting to know the person and you want me to just throw it away!?) rather than the gain (thinking of what I’ve learned from the failed connections so I can best serve the right people, by spending 0 seconds on the wrong people).



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