People who inspire your work.

People who are inspired by your work.

People who make you see other perspectives.

People who make you laugh.

People who get your sense of humour.

People who inspire your journey.

People who are inspired by your journey.

People who think about working with you when they start their next project.

People who you think about working with when you start your next project.

People who help you get out of ruts.

People who you can help get out of a rut.

People who you can’t forget.

People who can’t forget about you.


I’d say this is an extension of these three posts: here, here, and here.

Thinking about the number of people in that list (if I limit one line to 5 people), it’s quite within the tolerance of 120 (or 150) of the number of people believed that we can carry social ties with.


If you notice the number of people I follow on Twitter increase and decrease at certain times — chances are, I’m in the process of doing a review of the people who I’d like to focus 85% of my time on…while on the platform.


It also makes me see future connections differently (before I hit follow) — and it certainly makes me pay more attention to their feed and the people they also follow when the number is less than 150.


Additional Reading:


P.S. Your right in thinking that with the correct chord progression — these sentences could morph into a song like this. (TBA for link once that day comes!)




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