The Best Way To Stay Present

While in the process of writing the second draft of a guest post about my thoughts on my spiritual journey in relation to the film ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ I caught myself before getting fully lost in my own thoughts: ‘Wow…I’m not thinking of any other thing at the moment. I’m totally immersed!’


Whether that means that I might drop off the time spent on making music….I don’t know. I do know that music is still a bit part of my life. I recently felt my heart swell a tad while listening to an arrangement of Adele’s ‘Hello’ by an orchestra (I couldn’t find the version I saw on SBS though this one sounds similar to that arrangement).


Could that mean that I’ll be more of a listener (maybe the music discovery project might take the front seat more?)? For now, I think what I’m supposed to do with that reminder is to keep track of those moments when I am able to easily be present in what I’m doing


It’s one thing to find out that I need solitude to recharge, and another to find out what kind of ‘activities in solitude’ helps the most. It may turn out to be a combination of G rated clips from The Graham Norton Show and running through my to-do list (particularly the ones that have me working with specific constraints: may it be addressing notes from an editor or trying to mesh two ideas together to birth a unique one)






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