The Benefit Of A Repeat

It’s amusing to think that everytime I stuff up (forget to save — or not notice I’m not online when I hit save on a webpage), I get annoyed whenever I lose things and have to retype them.


However there are times when I do want a redo. But wouldn’t be able to get a chance to. Either because of time or maybe because a lot of events have folded itself into it and to change that event would be…equivalent to finding the right approach to solve the ice epedemic.


It happened with this entry (Link TBA — I’ve sent it off for publishing.) when I had issues with my word processor and the darn thing wouldn’t let me open a new file (hush! I have a process!). The post I was typing up was being developed as I went along, so there was no draft to work on (I have maybe 20 files waiting to be published on thrive…after maybe some tweaks).


My usual process is: ‘pick a draft’ work on it, and save the new version in the word processor. I have a folio that has handwritten drafts on it (and now with a mix of short story ideas), and it is steadily growing. For my entry, because the idea popped up right when I had the opportunity to allot some time to write it….I made sure to sketch up some sort of a structure.


Thankfully, the writing process has gotten significantly easier now that I have this structure to refer to. If you don’t see a structure…that was me. Yes, you can give me a reminder why I would risk wasting my time (and time does slip through my fingers really quickly and next thing I know, I’m in a rabbit hole!).



So now…I have to remind myself to smile and say: ‘I don’t usually get a chance to do this’ — whenever I am ‘forced’ to redo something.


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