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As I continue to set free written pieces out in the world. I noticed that sometimes I do get ideas for posts that don’t specifically fit in any of my feeds. So rather than just shrug the ideas off (even when they get distracting, I believe that each time an idea comes — it should be noted in some form), I continually collect them as they ‘hit’ me.


One category that pops up every now and then is relationships. I know it’s sort of close to a bit on what is on Thrive, yet I get the feeling they should be curated in a separate one.


The next step is to find the right sites, so I’m currently reaching out to contacts (both old and new!) to get their help on finding the right publication to publish.


Looking at the stats for some of the sites where my pieces are published:


I’ve included a breakdown more topic related here.


I can either go for equivalent sites:

  • Huffington Post – 137.67 M
  • Elephant Journal – 2.56 M
  • Thought Catalog – 17.95 M
  • Tiny Buddha – 2.6 M
  • Mental Floss – 15.74 M
  • She Knows – 14.64 M
  • Primer Magazine – 800 K
  • Made Man – 1.03 M
  • Entrepreneur – 18.52 M



Or next level ones:

  • The Verge – 64.59 M
  • The Atlantic – 40.08 M
  • The Washington Post – 227.76 M
  • Wired – 29.16 M
  • CNet – 176.91 M
  • Techcrunch – 31.32 M
  • Inc – 20.87 M


One thing I enjoy about being a contributor for Thrive is how the pieces themselves look when they are published. I don’t need to worry about page load times (or ads that ruin the reading experience).


I know I can’t always have that freedom whenever other sites publish my written pieces, it’ll just be a nice bonus.


Are there publications that you discovered recently that fit your pieces? Tweet it out to me at @LeighLim (Or you can reply to this, this, this, or this)


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