The Search For ‘Curiosity Searchers’ Continues

The biggest challenge with getting the right people on board while a project is in development is being to show them something tangible.


When I started pitching the idea of doing a series that focused on activities that could help curiosity bloom, some of the things I received from respondents were:

  • Which company did I represent?
  • Is the post for business audiences?
  • Where would it be published?
  • Will I link to their site?
  • Can I tell them more about the project?


The moment I get asked which company I represent…that is a sign that this person is worried about a possible conflict of interest (and from experience — if that’s a big worry, it’ll be an ongoing issue…no matter how much I address their concerns).


Though not having that initial post to refer to as a sample, it was the biggest opportunity as well. The initial respondents that I’m going to include in the series. (I will not readily identify them — and it does not mean that those included in the first few posts of the series are from that first pool of individuals. Though if you want to know if a particular person is….let me know….and I’ll check in with them)



The other huge hurdle I had to clear was ensuring each group had a unique activity to share. With juggling those that I already had, my strategy was avoid generic things like: ‘play music’ or ‘spend time with friends’.


It was definitely daunting, and whenever I felt overwhelmed with the immensity of it — I’d just remind myself that it’s a small number. 365 is no big deal. And for that side of me that worried about double ups — well….I think about that post about the inevitability of duplicates (TBA for the link —- Scott Adams mentioning that readers noticed some of his strips looked quite similar).


Though I’ve got my pitch email tweaked now to make it easy for the right people to ‘get it’ — and the wrong people to stick out more. I do have that second step that attempts to help those out who have veered more in the generic territory.



So if you are staring at your screen reading through my pitch email…and have absolutely nothing. That’s okay. There’s another way you can go about it: take a week or two to test out activities, and see at least one of those activities would ignite those ‘curiosity neurons’ (is there ever such a thing?)


Here are some to get you started:

  • Participate in Inktober
  • Get a friend to pick the next film you see. (Okay…you can give some requirements — I’m not going to advocate you going to watch something graphic if those kinds of films are ones you specifically avoid)
  • Attend a film festival.
  • Ask your bestie what would be an almost impossible project she would like to see brought to life
  • Do 10 days of NaNoWriMo — then send out what you have so far to be evaluated.
  • Find a mentor for an activity that you keep rescheduling.
  • Ask your favourite client what you can improve with your service.
  • Use GIMP to produce an illustration.
  • Look for a publication that you can submit your writings to. (Have those pieces that really haven’t found a home yet?)
  • Commission a composer to write a song for you. (Get involved in the process as much as you can)
  • Work with an arranger to structure your pieces for a chamber music quintet.
  • Upgrade your beatboxing skills
  • Take voice lessons
  • Go through your contact list and find ten people who you can introduce to each other.
  • Work on a 1,000 piece puzzle
  • Sell something on Etsy
  • Create your logo. (Maybe you’ll even find the right graphic designer to make it happen)
  • Print a limited run of business cards.
  • Find the next evolution of your wardrobe.
  • See how you can apply minimalism in your life.
  • Sample various playlists in Deezer to find what helps you focus more and get things done. (Maybe you even have a different playlist when you are doing activities that you hate: like reviewing and updating business expenses).




Apparently the Tumblr post I link to gets shut down every now and then (though I don’t think it’s because of the content of the post) so…I went through one of them (it’s been reblogged a number of times that it’s easy to find versions of the post) and thought of ideas based on the list.


In its simplest form. It’s to name an activity that helped you get to your next idea. Whether it is the best way to restructure your company during the exit process, choosing your business partner, helping you be more patient with your adolescent kids, understanding a client more….



Oh….and have you tried boredom? My go-to activity is doing laundry and washing dishes. A way to step away from my workstation and just let my subconscious free while I sort out some suds and make a couple of floormats huggable again. I know that’s more of idea generation —- at least you are left with the an idea even if you couldn’t clearly recall the web of connections that got you there.


I’ll be updating this post as each post of the series gets published:

  1. TBA



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