The First 30 seconds of my TED Talk (Hypothetically)

When I was 8, I got an idea to make some extra money: rent out my cartridges. My first customer was my cousin. So I handed him the cartridge and he handed me the rental fee (no deposit needed! I guess even at that age I understood concept of ‘accounting liquidity’).

However my enthusiasm for my new venture got extinguished within a day after: a stern message from his father, telling me that I have to return his money. And it wasn’t until maybe 15 years later…that I slowly was able to get to the point when I was able to be comfortable with the thought of experimenting again with an entrepreneurial venture.

And now that I might be more of an entrepreneur than a musician (a thought that would have angered me before my ‘awakening’), I’ve learned that finding my best self is imperative to be able to serve my clients best. That means setting some goals and systems!


P.S. Should I even mention that I apparently answered ‘cardiologist’ when I got the: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ question during that period? (I’m guessing 8 — but maybe even much younger than that?)

P.P.S. Maybe that was just a sign that I had that cheekiness in-built! 🙂



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Last Update: 01 January 2017