An extension of my post earlier.

I limit talking about this particular income stream because I intentionally limit the people I serve in this area (I’m happy and their happy too because we both get to spend significant time with each other).

To get the best results:

  • Think of ways you can apply this concept to your brand.
  • Read as many entries as you can! Because one of them might be the trigger you need to unblock your creativity. (Yeah I know, that means it’s not likely that you’ll end up as a client…but that’s okay.)
  • Read the FAQ (even if it is cheeky…its still informative!) — if we end up working together…that’s a quick download. Definitely helpful for me to know if we can bond over other things. (Not a requirement…it just moves you up the list!)
  • Understand that I really do constantly generate ideas. Really! And nothing would make my day more than knowing that they are in good hands.


Decide the arrangement you’d be most comfortable with when you send me a message:

  • Fixed Budget (Spots available: 4)- only for previous clients.
  • Results first then Payment (Spots available: 8) – I spend time learning about your brand to find action items (experiments, tests, strategies…) to implement. Then my fee is a percentage (35%) of the results you get. And yes, that means if the result is $180,000 over that period…then my fee is $63,000.


Though the first option is decidedly simpler. I give my clients the second option because that way, they already have what they plan to pay for…so I’ll know the client is happy — which means the odds are VERY VERY low for a refund. Less admin stuff to deal with, which means, I can focus on adding more value. 🙂



If you are someone who is only concerned with impressions (fancy website, photo driving a Maserati GranCabrio — so people would be drawn to you) rather than results (e.g. $72,000 increase sales after 8 months): you are not a fit.

Tempted to try your luck to see if you can ‘game’ the system? Well, no matter how you approach me (by filling up an application form, reaching out directly, or even somehow getting recommended by a current client)…in the end…if you are not a fit, it’ll come out at some point.

Ponder this: Wouldn’t you rather  spend all those hours finding someone who is a better fit for you rather than wait for the day that I’ll say: ‘Sorry…I wouldn’t be able to help you’?

Last Update: 01 January 2017

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How I Get Paid

One thing I’m constantly asked about is: “How Do you Get Paid?”. Though it is from different perspectives.

So one way I get paid that isn’t information that is available easily is (The Cheeky FAQ page has some links) how I am paid when I make music.

Here it is:
•    If Someone gives the album a forever home
•    Each Track Played in platforms
•    Each time someone uses my music in their Youtube video.

Content ID - Confirmed - 2016-03-22



The list of distributors (for purchase and streaming)…are here.

Though if you’d ask me which ones I’d prefer…I’d pick CD Baby for purchases, and Deezer for streaming.

More on Why:

  • CD Baby – I get instant sales figures (for platforms like iTunes, it might take a month for a purchase to show up)
  • Google Play – I get 40% of the sale (either by track or by album purchase)
  • Deezer – They pay $0.01105478 per track streamed (So every 100,000 plays I get $1,105.48) the highest paying streaming platform to date.
  • Spotify – They pay $0.00163800 per track streamed (So every 100,000 plays I get $163.80) from the history I noticed a fluctuation of the payouts (sometimes as low as $0.00054600 — which is $54.60 every 100,000 plays)
  • Google Locker – They pay $ 0.00011466 per track streamed (So every 100,000 plays I get $11.47) – from the history I noticed a fluctuation of the payouts ($0.00012103 and 0.00011830)
  • Youtube – If someone uses one of my songs in their videos (no matter where they got the audio)…and I’d get a cut of any revenue earned (when I did a test…with one of my tracks….I noticed this note from Youtube: “Ads may appear on your video due to the presence of this song. Removing this song may remove ads from your video, and may allow you to monetize the video if eligible”.)
    More on Song Eraser here:
  • Direct Payment – If a creator/listener found huge value in any of the tracks, and would like to say thanks (i.e. I gave them a go ahead to use the song in their video or presentation…and as a result they are convinced that the music played a big role…and would like to give a financial equivalent of the value they received) I’ll arrange a specific link for them to checkout through Paypal (similar to my appreciation links).


Content ID - Confirmed - 2016-03-22 - Copyright Notice



Will keep the stats updated as soon as more starts to come in! (and if you’d like to help out with the testing of platforms…I can let you know which ones I don’t have any data yet…and you can make your purchase or stream from there!)




Are you in the process of gathering your sales data? I’d love to get a chance to cheer you on!


Entry Last Updated: 24 February 2017



Did this post spark something that you’d like to talk about more? Go for it! Send me a quick note so I can learn about your bumpy (yet exciting!) adventures.


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I know I need a coach so I could move twice or thrice (or even ten times?) the pace I’m going now.


Two challenges about that:

  • If I pick the wrong one — I’d end up wasting my time and money, which are both in short supply at the moment.
  • I already know that I am not that effective when absorbing information from a book or course (I’ve bought a number of books because of an initial emotional attachment prior to the purchase). Action points usually come when I am in the process of thinking about a snippet.


Yep…I still have a bit of the residue of ‘magic bullet’ thinking: “Ah! This course would solve all my issues with getting the cash flow I’d like”. Which is a bit like my brain constantly bugging me (yep…just like a restless passenger during a roadtrip): “Are We There Yet?” (aka: “Have I found the ‘Secret Shortcut’ to getting to six figures?”)


One way I could approach the ‘coach search’ issue — is just spend a bit of time reaching out to 50 coaches. Craft a pitch, then see how each would react (I think this would be a bit like a ‘hero test’ too — seeing a bit on how someone would react privately…when not being watched or overheard by the public. I understand that there is a chance at least one of them might come back to me with a bit of attitude — or worse…acting like a jerk towards a perspective client).


But then, finding a coach might not be the frog I need to eat. It may be one of the other tasks I’ve been slowly inching towards: like drastically reducing clutter.


Have you found the right coach for you (which was a result in finding the right system to find that coach)? I’m all ears if you’re open to tell me the story (or send me the link to your post about it). 🙂


Do you have clutter you have to wade through too? I’d love to get a chance to cheer you on!



Additional Reading and References:




Did this post spark something that you’d like to talk about more? Go for it! Send me a quick note so I can learn about your bumpy (yet exciting!) adventures.


Was it was an action!?

Better do that first before sending me that note!


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This exchange:

HB: Is there a succession plan?

JB: Yeah, there is a succession plan for me, and for all of our senior executives.

HB: There is somebody who would take over?

JB: Yes, absolutely.

HB: Who?

JB: Secret.




Just a reminder that how someone came across before…could be different. Maybe it’s the medium!


What are your favourite Jeff Bezos videos and articles?




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The 1% Improvement Strategy

Yep, change is difficult (and sometimes painful)! So why not deal with the difficulty (erm…pain) in a way that is less confronting (okay veer your eyes away from the immense clutter from your desk)?

This is a video that no matter how cheesy it came across (it was the green screen graphics for me), I didn’t mind sharing it because it was where I first discovered the one percent principle. The idea was to just do enough to progress 1%.

To the ‘past me’, it was mind-blowing. Something I could manage without getting too overwhelmed and end up retreating to something that would ease the ‘pain’ of going through the action (like…say…finding 20 people to send encouraging notes to…or watch a film that has been on my ‘to-watch’ list).

Come on! One percent right? Easy peasy!

Oh…looking for something to ‘remind’ me to progress? Yeah…yeah…you can send me a message and ask if I’ve finished my current laundry pile (I line-dry, so it’s sometimes so easy to put it off if there is a chance of rain!). 🙂

What’s awesome about getting to your goal (even if it’s going to be clearing your laundry pile like me), is it’ll find it’s way to other aspects of your life (even in your business). There’s a section in one of the episodes of ‘The Unmistakable Creative’ when the guest mentions this effect (if I don’t have the link up to the episode by the time you read this…you are more than welcome to give me a yell).

What is it for you?




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Recommendations and Introductions: Just Go For It!

If you are sitting there staring at your screen unsure whether to press send, here is how I structured a guest recommendation (For Catherine Hoke from Defy Ventures) for the popular business podcast Entrepreneur On Fire:

  • Step 1: Asked Cat if she wouldn’t mind me sending a recommendation to one of the podcasts I listen to.

I wasn’t particular at this point, as I hadn’t asked John yet —- and the upside was: in case John declined, I could have been able to keep looking for another podcast to recommend Cat)

  • Step 2: After I got Cat’s okay, I sent John a short email
  • Step 3: Upon receiving a reply from John requesting for an email Intro — I wrote up a draft to send Cat to comment on what I wrote.
  • Step 4: Sent John the pitch after getting the okay from Cat


Sure John!

First off, I’ve never met Catherine, and our only contact has been through email (I sent her a note — which she appreciated, and that was our first contact). I did mention about putting her forward as a guest for EOF, and she said yes.

Her email is: [redacted for privacy] (I have cc-ed her in the email as well)
Some topics that would make her a memorable guest in EOF:

  • When introducing her to Fire Nation you can use the words: “What if you were known for the worst thing you’ve ever did?”
  • Sports background (she was on the wrestling team) – which links up well with what she does with Defy.
  • She used to be a VC, and how she left that life for her ‘Aha Moment’ (giving inmates a better chance once they have served their sentences — by offering to teach them a way to run businesses.).
  • How she ended up visiting her first prison (and how it changed her previous perception about those who are in the prison system)
  • Her ability to raise support for Defy financially (not sure if it was one of Catherine’s talks or an article about Defy — that it is all privately funded). And her general ability to get other organisations involved as well.
  • Her courage (How she was able to dust herself-off after taking a fall — The events between PEP and starting ‘Defy Ventures’)

Here’s a video I found on YouTube that has good quality (no need to turn up the volume that much), and features Catherine giving a talk about herself and her journey.
– Leigh


  • Step 5: Just get out of the way! 🙂


As with any recommendation, the hope is for things to turn out as best it can. And this was no different! I was at the edge of my seat while listening to the episode for the first time (tension level: equivalent to when I watch those heart stopping scenes from Homeland).



Thankfully all went well (Whew!). So well that John and Cat gave me the go ahead to share my involvement with their introduction. 🙂




Keen to hear about how you structure your recommendations and introductions!




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Metrics That Matter

It’s easy to get distracted by information that isn’t going to help you decide if your strategy is working. One such category is things beyond your control.

For example, you can’t control how many sales you’ll get in that month — but you can control the number of people you approach.

In one of her webinars Jaime Tardy breaks down the process to reach your sales goals:

  • Decide how many clients you need for that month.
  • Look back on your past interactions to see how many pitches you needed to do before your get a client
  • Find out how many people you approached before you found a prospect.


For me, the one metric I’m making sure that I focus on is the number of people who found value in what I’ve shared with them. Just like for the 10,000 Notes of Encouragement Project — the question I focus on is: ‘How can I encourage this person today?’; not: ‘If I send this person an encouraging note, would he help me reach my fundraising goal?’


I like when Marcus Sheridan talked about how Effective sales isn’t about coercion or convincing, It’s about identifying where we can have the greatest impact.


What are the metrics that matter to you?




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When what they say about you isn’t true

Just translate it as: ‘Our way of thinking is toxic to yours, so stay back!’


So when someone tells you…

  • You can’t write.
  • You can’t coach
  • That’s not a good business idea
  • You don’t know anything about sales


Remind yourself…


And…keep as much distance away from that person! 🙂


Are there more I should have added to the list? (Do Tell!!!)



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How you can inspire someone through rejection

Just focus on the possibilities.

Similarly to what Seth wrote to one of the 342 people who didn’t make it to his six month alternative MBA:


“The good news, and I hope you think it’s good news, is that you don’t need me. As I said before, I have no magic wand, no secret recipe. Your decision to just make it happen, to push forward, to change… that was the hard part.

Go. Do that. Blow them away. I fully expect it will happen.”


I think of the last time I felt gut punched (not that I have..really experience it…) after I didn’t get the result I hoped…

…and thought that if I can just find ways to avoid having another person feel the same way I did, I’d do it. A small start is to be extra mindful in any of my interactions with others (and maybe take that extra minute to shift the conversation more positively).

More delicious stuff:


Do you have a memorable note (positive or negative) that just gives you energy to go after your goals to make your vision for your life happen?



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Be You

One of the highlights of last week for me was this interaction:

Bryce*: You ever heard of Red vs Blue?

Me: Is that the YouTube Channel one?

Bryce*: …that’s the one lol. It is in it’s 13th season and started out as a gag show done just because. No real plot was put into it until it caught major popularity. Now the plot they have with it is amazing and it is still hilarious.

Me: Ooooh…I have to check that out!

Bryce*: [sends link of episode one]

Me: What would you say is the best show that continues to make you smile and laugh?

Bryce*: Toss up between red vs blue whose line and psych.

Me: [After watching a bit of the episode] I think I might prefer Psych more than ‘Red Vs Blue’

[Mentioned some observations about the series — how the length is different during the early episodes: from 4-8 minutes. And all the while deciding whether to share aversion to excessive swearing…]

Me: Unfortunately I get turned off when there is constant swearing. [frown emoticon]

 Bryce*: Ahhh I didn’t know. Sorry about that.

Me: [relieved]

Note: Though I got Bryce’s — blessing to share our interaction. I decided to change his name, out of respect for his privacy. I’ve also done some edits on the interaction (posting a verbatim version would probably be too much!)



The main reason of my reluctance was due to a disappointing chat (months ago) with someone who’s writings I enjoy reading. When I asked him what he thought about ‘Whiplash‘, and sharing that I won’t be able to watch it due to my rule of automatically discounting films rated MA or above (another film I wanted to check out was ‘Birdman‘ — because of the use of only one instrument for the score)…he instantly dismissed my personal rule, and told me to ignore the rating.

Thinking back, I now know that it was just their way of answering the simple question: ‘Are you one of my people?’. Bryce might be — and the writer might not.


My main takeaway: Don’t compromise your choices just because you’re scared of loosing a connection.


Looking forward to hear about your stories! 🙂 How did the interaction end? And what have you learned? Were there instances that you wished you shared a tidbit about yourself (like me you might have been stuck with giving Bryce the impression that I didn’t mind excessive swearing)? Or are you the type who wouldn’t hold back?





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