The Best Way To Reach Me

As I was having a quick look and update on ‘My Cheeky FAQ’ I realised that it might help if there was a specific entry (and I can’t wait to hear from you if this post indeed helped!) that helps you know how to best send me a message.


  • Tumblr – I am on there at least once a fortnight (unless intentionally focusing on completing something and my fan tendencies need to be ‘on hold’ because they are a hindrance rather than a compliment!)
  • YouTube – Though sometimes notifications cross over with Google+ — I still find it a handy playform to send (and receive!) private messages.
  • Google+ – apparently there’s a way to send me messages even if I am not ‘online’ (I’ll get your notifications and that would prompt me to check my messages)
  • Form – This comes in handy if you are on a device that you avoid using to log-in to your various social media accounts. Even if you don’t put your email address, as long as you give me your Tumblr / YouTube / Google+ handle, and I can chase you up there.



What you’ll need in your message:

  • your email address!
  • How I can help you. (Really. Tell me! Don’t worry about sounding all ‘sales-ey’. Because the sooner I find out how I can add value to you, the sooner I am able to generate ideas! It’s as easy as completing this statement: ‘Leigh, I want _____ to happen. Can you help?’ If there are multiple items, take some time to consider what is most important for you to achieve. Whether it be finding someone who is equally smitten by BrainDead, or needing creative juice to improve your interactions with people you serve.)
  • If you have references (such as my tweet or a post), it would help a LOT if you include it too!





Did this post spark something that you’d like to talk about more? Go for it! Send me a quick note so I can learn about your bumpy (yet exciting!) adventures.


Was it was an action!?

Better do that first before sending me that note!

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Comments: You’ll have to reach out to me via Google+ (click on the hangout button), Youtube (when you’re logged in, and on this page, a ‘message’ button would pop up), or Tumblr (visit any one of my pages, and there would be a button that would make a new window pop-up for you to send me a message) to let me know that you are keen on posting a comment. At the moment, WordPress has this weird comment system that uses cookies from other sites, so until they fix it that only cookies come from within the domain…I am unable to view new comments when they come in.

Moving Forward (Guest Post #2: Matthew Keefe)

I wanted to take a moment and pull back the curtain on my business endeavours over the last 10 years. As well as help you get started or push forward in your own business. Small business ownership is often romanticized and I’m really not a fan of that, because it is hard work, has massive risk and let’s be honest, you’ll miss out on things in life. Still, at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change this life for anything!



As a quick back story, I created a graphic design company my sophomore year of high school, which later turned into PixelBit (my current company).

Towards the end of 2015 while going over the company’s reports I made a very conscious decision that in 2016 I would double our revenue. This would be no easy task and like all things in life, we need help to achieve our greatest results. While the company has been profitable since the early days, I’ve always been driven to grow and level up year after year. I refer to this as the entrepreneurial bug, and I was bit by it at a pretty young age.



Leveling Up
I attribute 2 groups/people for kicking my butt in this regard. The first was I’d been a member of an entrepreneurial group, Secret Entourage for a while and heard about a business challenge, so I of course signed up. The objective of the challenge was to pick a 6 month goal (Jan – Jul) and work in a small team to meet/achieve that. The other person I thank for kicking my butt is Jamie from Eventual Millionaire, she ran a 7 day challenge and I instantly was seeing results. I don’t write this as an ad, nor am I even linking directly to them, just that we need people in our corner to help us level up.

I decided to join the business challenges for the networking opportunities and hearing various perspectives (eureka moments might not happen as often if you constantly surround yourself with people who think the same as you). While I do have mentors and advisors, I always welcome input for varying perspectives.



Beginning Stages
My graphics company was profitable since its early days. Fortunately, web companies don’t require too much start up capital.  and I originally was classified as a sole-proprietor, so I didn’t have a complex tax situation. Honestly, if you have the talent and a spare $500, you can start a web-based service business. The problem was in the early days I was unable to take a paycheck. When starting out I was having a tough time finding good clients, I found all the bad ones though! Thankfully I didn’t have too many expenses but I still needed to find some outside freelance work (with other companies) to make ends meet. Looking back now, I could have cut some expenses, such as computer hardware, but it was new territory for me and being a geek, I love gadgets

I also am very fortunate to have a loving and understanding wife that took on the lion-share of financial responsibility.

About 2 years into the company I was building great relationships with clients and starting to see an upside to all the effort being put in. I then decided to expand my company into a full service agency, which is where it is today.

I guess the point of telling you all this is to show the process of starting/growing a business is not an overnight process, in fact it can take years. However, if you put in the effort and take on some risk, you can create a life which isn’t possible working for someone else.



Hacking the Business
Most people know the word “hacking” to mean breaking into a computer, often illegally. I of course am not referring to that hacking in this section, but more the process of doing things a little different in business. Here are my top 3 actions that are sure to bring you better results in your bottom line.
1.) Never stop learning — Business is a journey, stay thirsty for knowledge and you’ll always be able to grow/expand over the years.

2.) Don’t take “No” — When I was starting out, I had this prospect that seemed very eager to get started, however when we got the negotiation phase, he said no. I walked away confused as to what could possibly have gone wrong. Rather than sulk, I reached out to him directly and asked him for candid feedback.

An amazing thing happened when I did this, he decided to work with me because of my unwillingness to just walk away. That client still works with us to this day! I guess what I’m trying to explain here is if a prospect gives you a no, take it as a learning opportunity and grow from it. Who knows, maybe that prospect will see your passion and change his mind!
3.) Work happens when you least expect it — While you can certainly find prospects at business meetings, conferences and other professional networking events, there is other options. Though this may not work for everyone, be sure to keep your ears open while attending events centered around various hobbies.

For me it’s car events, being that cars are a passion of mine, I go to many events. I have landed many great clients as a result of talking about cars/business during these.



Taking Action
If you’ve gotten to this point, hopefully you’re fired up and ready to take action. While you could
download an ebook, tweak your website or refine your sales copy, those really don’t help in the
short term. Instead, do these 2 things TODAY!

– Contact 5 new prospects, secure meetings
– Reach out to older customers and provide an upsell or update to their project

Don’t have a business already? That’s okay, start brainstorming what you’re good at and would like to continue doing on good AND bad days, as there will be many.
Okay, now… get going!



Matthew Keefe is the founder of Pixelbit and is currently based out of Framingham. Matt loves to spend time with his family and talk about cars. For proof, you can check him out on Twitter (Entrepeneurship/Software Development) and Instagram (Cars…cars…and more cars). Got tips to be a better husband and father? Matt looks forward to hear from you!





Did this post spark something that you’d like to talk about more? Go for it! Send me a quick note so I can learn about your bumpy (yet exciting!) adventures.


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‘AHA’ Moments (Guest Post #1: Bryan Roth)

“The difference between writers and everyone else? Writers remember what they were thinking about in the shower.”


I have no idea where I first heard this or where it came from, but it stuck. The Shower Thought, that moment of clarity where nothing else really exists in the world around you except the flow of hot water, steam filling the room and a clear mind. It’s in this moment, countless times, I’ve been lucky to experience an epiphany of creativity.


The hardest part is holding onto that memory, lest you lose a serendipitous opportunity to craft something new, and if you’re lucky, unique.


The trick is to not let those thoughts marinate too long, simmering in your brain instead of slicing, dicing and preparing them to share with the world. The easiest way? Write every day.


That habit has helped me not just become a better writer, but become more efficient in how I write. Inspiration can be so fleeting, it’s pivotal to get pen to paper or fingers to keyboard in order to hone your moment of clarity into something tangible.


Take, for instance, a recent post on my blog from a Friday in mid-February. All week, friends and I had been discussing the topic du jour in the Beer World – an inflammatory article about how one person decided craft beer was dead to them because a style they didn’t like has become popular. There was a lot of huffing and hawing about the usefulness of such a clickbaity piece, so it was stuck in my head.


Then, on Friday morning, as I got ready for work, I let my mind wander to all the weird places a companion post might go … Could I write about craft beer being “alive” like a person? Could I take apart the author’s argument piece-by-piece? No – I’ll take the post for face value and think about why *I* would want to write something like that.


I’ll “apply” for a job at the website.


So I “did.”


I kept that thought flowing, never letting it leave the forefront of my mind. I scribbled some notes on paper and as soon as I sat at a computer, I started typing and didn’t stop.


In all, I probably spent about 60 minutes working on the piece, but it was that initial spurt of imagination that got me started. Because I let my mind drift in the shower.


This is not to say a shower is the only place to find revelatory thoughts. Exercise is a great distraction for the body that I’ve found lets my mind wander, too. The important part is to not let those thoughts drift too much, otherwise instead of being a writer, you’ll just be “everyone else,” letting your shot at creativity float away like the steam in your bathroom.


Bryan Roth is a freelance writer and the man behind ‘This Is Why I’m Drunk’. Follow his random thoughts on Twitter at @bryandroth and his pursuit of “beertography” on Instagram at @bryandroth.


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