Would You Rather…?

A Β£200m trust fund that came with a parent that didn’t really think you were good enough? Or look after teens (13-25) for 15 hours a day for the rest of your life?


Whether it be a difficult choice or easy, I find that playing this particular game could be connected to a person’s state of envy. It would be quite easy for me to think that Alain de Botton has been set for life because of his hefty financial cushion. Though noticing the key phrase (“untouched Β£200m trust fund“) could lay the key to understanding Alain a bit (would he choose the second option?).


Here’s something you can use as a spring board to come up with five of your own (Rating M: Some swearing). Quite handy to get to know someone a bit deeper, and help you decide if they are part of your fifteen. πŸ™‚





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Distracted by Corgis?

The problem with having all the good intentions of ‘time management’ by tracking down each task, is at times, other tasks meld into it (like looking at pictures/videos of cute faces of dogs, puppies, and cats).


When it happens to me, my time tracking sheet ends up looking like:

  • 1:32 PM – 1:45 PM – Check WNE Facebook responses
  • 1:45 PM – 2:10 PM – Lunch
  • 2:10 PM – 5:45 PM – Check email (whoops! got distracted a LOT here!)
  • 5:45 PM – 6:10 PM – Exercise Time


Because I tend to have multiple tabs open at a time (those ideas have to be caught when they drift in!), I’ve found myself getting a thought…wanting to watch a quick video (to make sure it is the one I wanted to forward)…then ending up losing an hour or two while on my ‘check mail task’.


My solution to minimise this happening is to set a 20 minute timer, and to make sure that I vary my tasks between 20-40 minutes (to avoid sitting for long stretches of time). This way I can escape the hold of those cute furry faces (or even an interesting article or essay — as I would be best to catch up on it later).


…of course sometimes it doesn’t work as well…and I drift towards…well…what ‘feels good to watch’ (again…like cute furry faces that make you smile and go ‘awwww…’)


If I get frustrated when I have those moments when I realise that I’ve lost track of time or have not invested it wisely. One of the quotes I’d turn to would be from a review of ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ — which was written by Mark Hughes:



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