The Best Way To Reach Me

As I was having a quick look and update on ‘My Cheeky FAQ’ I realised that it might help if there was a specific entry (and I can’t wait to hear from you if this post indeed helped!) that helps you know how to best send me a message.


  • Tumblr – I am on there at least once a fortnight (unless intentionally focusing on completing something and my fan tendencies need to be ‘on hold’ because they are a hindrance rather than a compliment!)
  • YouTube – Though sometimes notifications cross over with Google+ — I still find it a handy playform to send (and receive!) private messages.
  • Google+ – apparently there’s a way to send me messages even if I am not ‘online’ (I’ll get your notifications and that would prompt me to check my messages)
  • Form – This comes in handy if you are on a device that you avoid using to log-in to your various social media accounts. Even if you don’t put your email address, as long as you give me your Tumblr / YouTube / Google+ handle, and I can chase you up there.



What you’ll need in your message:

  • your email address!
  • How I can help you. (Really. Tell me! Don’t worry about sounding all ‘sales-ey’. Because the sooner I find out how I can add value to you, the sooner I am able to generate ideas! It’s as easy as completing this statement: ‘Leigh, I want _____ to happen. Can you help?’ If there are multiple items, take some time to consider what is most important for you to achieve. Whether it be finding someone who is equally smitten by BrainDead, or needing creative juice to improve your interactions with people you serve.)
  • If you have references (such as my tweet or a post), it would help a LOT if you include it too!





Did this post spark something that you’d like to talk about more? Go for it! Send me a quick note so I can learn about your bumpy (yet exciting!) adventures.


Was it was an action!?

Better do that first before sending me that note!

First time visiting? It’ll be great if you head here after reading. 🙂


Comments: You’ll have to reach out to me via Google+ (click on the hangout button), Youtube (when you’re logged in, and on this page, a ‘message’ button would pop up), or Tumblr (visit any one of my pages, and there would be a button that would make a new window pop-up for you to send me a message) to let me know that you are keen on posting a comment. At the moment, WordPress has this weird comment system that uses cookies from other sites, so until they fix it that only cookies come from within the domain…I am unable to view new comments when they come in.

A Tinge of Minimalism

It all seems too easy, just box all your stuff and off you go to your newly created minimalistic life.

Then weeks and months pass and you still haven’t done the ‘boxing up’ exercise that seems to work when you look at others who have successfully embraced minimalism.

Don’t worry, I’m not a minimalist! And I’m guessing I might not even get to earn enough brownie points to get to the point that I could call myself a minimalist (of course I wouldn’t want to upset the purists!).


Thing is…I like the concept of having lesser stuff. And I am happy to report that I have found a way forward! 🙂


One question and action.


Question (to ask after picking up an object from your chosen area): Does this belong here?


Action: Bring it where it belongs!


Looking at the things directly in front of me…I’ll start:

  • A rechargeable battery (AA) – no, it belongs in a container where all the AA and AAA batteries are stored (inside a clear plastic container with a label: ‘batteries to be recharged’).
  • Four sets of Post-it Flags – no, they belong in a drawer where all the other sticky notes are.
  • Coins ($3) – no, they are supposed to be in a coin purse (excess coins get taken to the bank for deposit).
  • A Guitar Pick – no, it belongs in my kit bits drawer (where a number of music knickknacks are, including the resealable bag that contains my other spare picks)


Yay! Four less things for me to put away! 🙂


Would you like to try…and pick your four?


You just did!? Whooo hooo! Surprised that it was easier that you thought? 🙂


Here’s more minimalist quotes to get you going from full-on practitioners:

  • “I’ve found it helpful to think of these changes as a marathon, not a sprint” – Leo Babauta
  • “Imagine your life a year from now…five years from now. What’s it gonna look like?” – Ryan Nicodemus

Podcasts That Resonate

Ran out of podcasts to soothe you to sleep during bedtime? Here are a couple of approaches that might get you closer to the one(s) that you resonate with most.

  • Interviewer/Host – maybe check out his/her episodes on other podcasts.
  • Interviewee – There are times that you’ll resonate more with them when they are being interviewed. That’s cool — we all have our own personal tastes! (and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty that you don’t enjoy a particular podcast as much as them!)
  • Recommendations – just ask (use this form) and I can give you a bunch of suggestions based on what you find interesting. (You can also check out this entry).

Approach #1 & #2 got me to find out about Mike’s interview and make me pay more attention to Lewis Howes (you can find one of his interviews here — and an episode of his own podcast here).

Inspiring Podcasts

Want to download episodes directly rather than subscribe?

I get ya! 😀 Though the links will still take you to the Podcast site, on the page, you’ll find a link to download the audio file (MP3) directly:

  • EntrepreneurOnFire – you can watch a video of John’s story here, or read about it here. (Volume Level 64%)
    • Ramit Sethi – don’t be put off by his spammy sounding page as there’s lots of good advice and you’re likely going to find something that fits you in one of his blog entries.
    • Corrina Gordon-Barnes – In a very engaging chat, Corrina at one point mentions someone from her past: “He thought he couldn’t have both passion and money, and he chose money.” Her EOF interview page also links to an interesting article about blogging.
  • The Unmistakable Creative – (Volume Level 83%)
    • Michael Roderick – “We need to budget time to be reflective”
    • Josh Long – “If you can’t break things down first, then you have a shaky foundation.”
  • Microblogger – You can check out Jim’s chat with John on EOF. Some episodes have transcripts. (EOF Episode – Volume Level 64%; Microblogger Episodes: Volume Level 97%)
    • Farnoosh Torabi – “It’s about having compassion for those who don’t get it.”
    • Matt Jabs – “I don’t like that to be the first impression I have on a website.”


Looking forward to hear which episode resonated with you the most! Send me a message here. 🙂

(If you need to reach out to request more podcast recommendations — that’s cool too! Use this form)