What Is A Hero?

I like how the more I ponder on something, the more likely I’d understand it.


As I was listening to Clay Scroggins’ talk, a thought came to me. Then I found myself wondering who’d I consider a hero.


It would be someone who is:

  • Able to hold back their biting comment — and wait for the right time to share it (maybe after arranging it as a ‘not so biting’ comment so the recipient wouldn’t be so defensive)
  • Alert to their surroundings, so much that they are able to notice when someone is not okay — and take the time to ask.
  • Taking an hour out of their day to report unhelpful comments on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram (you’ll be surprised how much inappropriate posts there are on popular tags)
  • Intentional in creating margin — so if they spot someone in need they can just stop. And not worry about being late to the next thing on their calendar.
  • Mature enough to redirect their energy when it is being used wastefully (like complaining and plotting ways to ‘get even’) and find ways to lift up someone in their circle.





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