Creativity Exercises

Allow yourself to play and follow your interests. I know it is a challenge to quantify what you get back when you veer off to other things and spend less time on your work…

…somehow it just pays itself over!


I granted myself a bit of ‘play’ when I came across an idea: ‘take a section I like — and do an electronic version of Austin Kleon’s Newspaper Blackout series’.

Here is the result:


Now…how did that exercise pay me back?

  • An idea for a song
  • Future topic for a blog post
  • a reminder of the importance of showing my work to others — because…I might just find (at least) another person that likes it too!


More Brain food? Check these out!


Oh…one last thing? Make sure you are REALLY in a rut (or due for a break) when you do these! Please…please…please…(I’m begging you!)…veer away from the temptation to keep doing these exercises…(and other things you find)….unless you have gone back to what you need to finish that hour, day, or week.

I do like to hear which ones resonate with you the most (and also which ones have given you ‘more back’). Drop me a line will you? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Creativity Exercises

  1. Fantastic! Thanks for putting this together for whe I get stuck editing my novel. At the moment I don’t do them cuz I find that if I do them I get even more ideas… I feel I should though and just keep a record of them… Ahhhh. The curses of the writer. 😄


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