What the Feed!?

You know how you expect to see something after a certain action…and then suddenly…something completely different happens?

Usually after posting each entry (both here and the WNE Q&A), I look at the tag feed. To check if the post got picked up, as soon as it has been published. What I found is some tags do not pick-up posts instantly — and even if I haven’t found a use for that bit of information…I’m sure my brain is happy to have it on standby!

Right after I posted Josh’s Q&A — I noticed something odd that came up when it showed up on the tag feed:

Tag Feed - ScreenShot - 2015-02-09 - 10 PM

Comparing what you see when you look through Josh’s Q&A. The summary on the tag feed doesn’t reflect what the entry looks like:

  • Picture of Josh’s ‘book buy stash‘ (Instagram)
  • Teaser: “Josh shares his journey as a reader, one way he makes use of Evernote, and his approach to find homes for a number of books after he got married.”
  • First few lines of the Q&A.

Entry ScreenShot - 2015-02-09 - 10-09 PM

Instead what came up was:

  • Photo for my mini-bio (which you can find at the end of the Q&A with a LOT of scrolling)
  • Text from Josh’s Instagram post.
  • More text from the said Instagram post!


When I saw the weird summary come up on the feeds..the following thoughts came up:

  • Wow…I shouldn’t put in my picture there (maybe somehow WordPress puts it as a priority?)…and just leave my mini-bio in text format…and just link to my photo.
  • Now visitors might think that that’s how each Q&A looks like! That it doesn’t make sense (I made peace with this thought). 🙂
  • WordPress….WHY!? (Then I thought of a way to send my message of woe through Twitter or one of the WordPress forums. Though after awhile thinking about it…I realise I have two options: wait and check my next post or just post it anyway…just in case it is an issue WordPress isn’t aware of)


Have you experienced something similar? Please…please…oh…please let me know! 🙂



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