The Ambivert In Me

When I came across this post I couldn’t wait to share it.


Probably one of the major things that made me realise I was more of an introvert. 🙂 Well…accept that I was (And still am?).


Looking at the introvert’s things…I am #1, #2 (sort of — but I guess I’m more in a pensive train of thought when that happens), #3 (Sometimes — this is where my ambivert side comes in I think), #4 (definitely — but it depends who it is), and #6.



I’d say ambivert…but…then I couldn’t connect with any of the extroverts 7 things…until I re-read them recently.


I actually have a couple that jump out: #4 (I can do small talk like a pro — but I do that to steer into finding out what lights up the person I’m talking to), #6 (no issues starting conversations with strangers — it’s probably my small talk transitioning into deep talk ….training and experience? hehehehe)


Some definitions to note:

  • Introvert – A person who needs solitude to recharge. (Does not mean that person does not like to be around people)
  • Extrovert – A person who recharges by being around people. (Does not also mean that this person detests solitude.)

Maybe in time…Dictionary might update their own definitions.

Are you in the process of finally finding out where you sit? I’d love to get a chance to hear your process!




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Was it was an action!?

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