How I Get Paid

One thing I’m constantly asked about is: “How Do you Get Paid?”. Though it is from different perspectives.

So one way I get paid that isn’t information that is available easily is (The Cheeky FAQ page has some links) how I am paid when I make music.

Here it is:
•    If Someone gives the album a forever home
•    Each Track Played in platforms
•    Each time someone uses my music in their Youtube video.

Content ID - Confirmed - 2016-03-22



The list of distributors (for purchase and streaming)…are here.

Though if you’d ask me which ones I’d prefer…I’d pick CD Baby for purchases, and Deezer for streaming.

More on Why:

  • CD Baby – I get instant sales figures (for platforms like iTunes, it might take a month for a purchase to show up)
  • Google Play – I get 40% of the sale (either by track or by album purchase)
  • Deezer – They pay $0.01105478 per track streamed (So every 100,000 plays I get $1,105.48) the highest paying streaming platform to date.
  • Spotify – They pay $0.00163800 per track streamed (So every 100,000 plays I get $163.80) from the history I noticed a fluctuation of the payouts (sometimes as low as $0.00054600 — which is $54.60 every 100,000 plays)
  • Google Locker – They pay $ 0.00011466 per track streamed (So every 100,000 plays I get $11.47) – from the history I noticed a fluctuation of the payouts ($0.00012103 and 0.00011830)
  • Youtube – If someone uses one of my songs in their videos (no matter where they got the audio)…and I’d get a cut of any revenue earned (when I did a test…with one of my tracks….I noticed this note from Youtube: “Ads may appear on your video due to the presence of this song. Removing this song may remove ads from your video, and may allow you to monetize the video if eligible”.)
    More on Song Eraser here:
  • Direct Payment – If a creator/listener found huge value in any of the tracks, and would like to say thanks (i.e. I gave them a go ahead to use the song in their video or presentation…and as a result they are convinced that the music played a big role…and would like to give a financial equivalent of the value they received) I’ll arrange a specific link for them to checkout through Paypal (similar to my appreciation links).


Content ID - Confirmed - 2016-03-22 - Copyright Notice



Will keep the stats updated as soon as more starts to come in! (and if you’d like to help out with the testing of platforms…I can let you know which ones I don’t have any data yet…and you can make your purchase or stream from there!)




Are you in the process of gathering your sales data? I’d love to get a chance to cheer you on!


Entry Last Updated: 24 February 2017



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