Don’t Just Nod

Feel like how you were treated as a customer was unacceptable? Don’t worry about being the rare case (if your supplier claims that you are the first to be unhappy with their service), instead keep in mind that if you are able to do something — there is a likelihood that you’ll spare at least one person the grief you’re experiencing now.

Now I’m not advocating doing something like raising your voice (or worse…screaming or calling them every negative name you could think about), instead do something by harnessing that energy towards something that could result in the kind of change you are hoping for.

With regards to that supplier, maybe you can check in with one of the executives — and mention what you went through, and some suggestions on how the experience can be made better for you. Worse case, you say farewell to them and go with your second choice (who now becomes your first choice!) —- best case, your current supplier will be forever in debt…and throw in some sweeteners with your current agreement with them as a sign of thanks…and in hopes that you’ll stay with them for years to come.

One of the projects that sprung out of my frustration of the accepted thinking: ‘you stick by your current circle, even if you’ve outgrown them’ — helped me direct that frustration in a constructive way (catch someone when they do something you appreciate — so they’d be encouraged to do more of it).

Even if I don’t get the kind of appreciation I hope for each time I send one of the notes, I know that each one gets me closer to my new ‘five‘.


From different perspectives:


Are you in the process of trying to figure out how to harness that energy of frustration positively? I’d love to get a chance to cheer you on!





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